Let’s talk about agility

Everyone is talking about agile, but what does it really mean? Here at Izinga, we believe that choosing to be agile is about achieving agility that enables an organisation to quickly adapt to changing customer needs and market demands. We know, through many years of experience, that simply implementing an agile framework to do agile does not achieve agility or any of the other outcomes you’re hoping for.

Izinga provides hands-on consulting and coaching services to help each organisation achieve the right outcomes when establishing their objectives and practices. 

How we work

We ask the right questions

Instead of directing the solution and stubbornly implementing a one-size-fits-all framework, we ask the right questions to work with your organisation to identify your unique goals and objectives. From here, we develop a tailored solution with you that is a great fit for your organisation using our experience across a broad number of approaches, frameworks and models.

Knowledge and skills transfer

We coach and mentor your own teams instead of bringing in an army of our own consultants. This means the journey, decisions, context and knowledge stay in your organisation when we leave.

Focus on principles and behaviours

We focus on growing true responsibility and customer empathy across your organisation by emphasising sustainable practices that deliver rapid feedback, quick adaptation and continuous improvement. This helps to ensure that you’re delivering the right thing in the right way.

Empowered teams

We help your organisation to establish cross-functional, self-organising teams that deliver in a lean, effective and efficient way. By empowering your teams, you will achieve operational agility, which in turn gives you more time to innovate and focus on adding value.

Vendors and system integrators

We help you formulate agreements and working relationships with vendors and system integrators that align your working practices and help achieve shared interests and outcomes across all parties.

Build quality in

When establishing practices and approaches, we focus on streamlining delivery so that it is predictable, building quality into every practice so that it becomes habit, reducing waste to deliver more value with less work, and growing ownership and responsibility for outcomes across teams.

Engage us at any time

Whether you’re thinking about going agile, you’re halfway through a transformation and aren’t getting what you expected, or you need some support to take the next step in delivering the right thing the right way, Izinga can help your organisation.

We look forward to working with you

Let's talk about agility